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Mesa, Arizona Dentist offers IV Sedation Sleep Dentistry

Posted by Dr. John Patterson 8/01/2012

How would you like to wake up to the smile you have always dreamed of? Now, with M & M Dentistry, you can. Dr. Patterson is trained in sleep dentistry and is one of the few dentists in Arizona able to perform such techniques such as IV sedation dentistry. Dr. Patterson of Mesa, AZ has provided care to thousands of Arizona patients, and now offers IV sedation sleep dentistry to those who need some extra assurance and comfort during their dental procedures.

Dr. Patterson Goes beyond Sleep Dentistry in Providing Dental Care

Dr. Patterson knows what people want most when seeking dental care. That is why he does his best to keep his patients comfortable during the procedure. Not only is this accomplished through sleep sedation, but by building relationships with his patients. This means that he listens and talks to each patient and that he is prepared to do what is needed to make sure that your dental visit is a pleasant one. To us, our patients are family and so we will do whatever it takes to make your visit a comfortable one.

When is it Appropriate to use Sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry can be used during a gentle exam or cleaning, as well as an extreme smile makeover. If going to the dentist makes you cringe, perhaps IV sedation therapy is the solution for you. Even some dentist’s professionals require sleep dentistry when they visit the dentist, so don’t feel guilty if you need some extra help to get through the process. Everyone faces fears and apprehensions in life, but fear of a dental appointment is one that can now be alleviated once and for all!

If you have been neglecting dental checkups because of fear or anxiety related problems, give us a call at M & M Dentistry of Arizona. We can turn your anxiety into a beautiful dream reality. Make your appointment today! Phone (480) 844-5095.

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