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Dental Checkups Help Eliminate Serious Cancer Threats

Posted by Dr. John Patterson 8/7/2012

You may not know it, but when you visit your dentists and schedule a routine cleaning, he is looking for more than cavities and teeth appearance. A dentist that is passionate about his patients’ welfare and oral care looks beyond the white pearlies to examine your cheeks, tongue, and pallet ensuring that there is no discoloration or abnormal tissue findings. Why is this so? Dr. Patterson of Mesa Arizona is trained to recognize oral carcinoma’s and he knows that dental checkups help eliminate serious cancer threats. If caught early, almost all of oral cancer can be successfully treated and remedied.

Smokers and Non Smokers Alike at Risks for Cancer of the Mouth

Smoking or chewing tobacco is the number one cause for oral cancer of the mouth or throat, but even nonsmokers who have been subjected to cigarette smoke are at elevated risks. Tobacco chewers lead the population in developing oral cancers. If you smoke or use tobacco products, then you are at high risks for developing mouth cancer often detected by dental professionals. Unfortunately, if you never have smoked, but have grown up or are often in the company of smokers, you run risks of developing oral cancer too.

Smoking Not the Only Reason for Oral Cancer

The Oral Cancer Foundation states that the cause of cancer is being found in youth who have the human papilloma virus. OCF states, “It is also now confirmed that in a younger age group, including those who have never used any tobacco products, have a cause for cancer which is HPV16 viral based.” The best way to make sure that you have not developed oral cancer is to keep regular checkups with your dentists.

M & M Dental of Mesa AZ prides itself in staying on top of matters that affect their patients. We can detect cancerous lesions early. This allows for a plausible treatment time to remedy the issue before it is too late. If you are concerned about oral cancer, or need a regular dental checkup, give us a call at (480) 844-5095 today.


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